At Ntsangalala Holdings we strongly believe in the concept and principles as contained within the “Abundance theory”. In principle, it is the view of the cc’s members and management that there is “more than enough to go around” and that everyone must be allowed to share in the wealth creation potential that is to be derived from the process of redeveloping Africa in general and South Africa in particular.

Ntsangalala is a Tsonga word for “expansion” – and it is with this thought and concept clearly in mind, that the company has both flourished, and impacted so profoundly among the disadvantaged communities in particular. The institution believes in the spirit of complementing ones effort rather than competing. It derived this philosophy from the biblical verse that “… the harvest is plenty but the labourers are few” hence strives to create an environment that promote inclusiveness.

Ntsangalala Holdings is therefore, not operating in isolation in its endeavor to achieve its objectives. It is networking with like-minded companies as reflected in our company structure.


  •  Ntsangalala Holdings is committed to the support of National imperatives such as sustainable development, poverty alleviation and job creation.
    Accordingly it strives not only to create and support the creation of new jobs, but to sustain existing ones
  • Ntsangalala Holdings believes that it imperative to plough back to the communities that have supported their growth over the years.
    The institution believes that the community represents the present and future client base of the company, its business associates and network partners
  • The company has therefore embarked on a series of programs to aid the community development and socio-economic upliftment.
    Notable among these include Bursaries and Housing


We aim to empower the local community by providing resources, skills, and projects that will help increase and sustain social economic development.
Ntsangalala Holdings aims to spend 1% of its net profit after tax (NPAT) on community projects, NGOs, and NPOs.

Our focal areas include but not limited to:

  • Skills development and training
  • Adult basic education and training
  • Investing in the community by creating job opportunities
  • Mentoring SMMEs in rural areas


  • To maintain the highest level of competency and ethical standards
  • To be a recognized leader in the construction industry, committed to civil and building infrastructure projects across South Africa
  • To provide the highest value to our clients and community with critical eye towards safety, quality and service
  • To establish strategic partnership in the areas where projects are executed
  • To develop our staff, business and networking partners to the highest competency levels
  • To create an empowerment platform based on the principles of transparency and accountability, value-addition entrepreneurial growth