Road Construction, Maintenance & Repairs

Construction has created a need for a specialised focus on asphalting services. Our extensive technical knowledge, critical resources and specialised skills to provide engineering services in road and bridge construction. Ntsangalala Holdings (Pty)Ltd provides road surfacing services to several municipalities, provincial governments and civil contractors. We also offer road rehabilitation including the reconstruction and repairs of damaged surfaces. With extensive industry knowledge from years of experience, we boast a highly qualified team with a passion for the industry.

Civil Engineering and Construction

  •  Road Construction
  •  Road Maintenance
  •  Road Repairs
  •  Re-graveling
  •  Surfacing
  •  Sealing
  •  Bridges
  •  Dams

General Building & Renovations

At Ntsangalala Holdings (Pty)Ltd we offer many services and as an addition to the construction division we also offer professional renovation services. With knowledge and experience in the industry, we boast a highly qualified team with a passion for the industry. We pride ourselves in our exceptional standard of workmanship and construction quality.

General Building

  •  Commercial developments
  •  Retail Developments
  •  Industrial Developments
  •  Residential Developments
  •  Renovations
  •  RDP Houses
  •  Hubs

Fencing Construction

Ntsangalala Holdings (Pty)Ltd has the technical expertise to manage projects involving the installation of perimeter fencing, construction and civils. The company has completed many projects  in fencing successfully throughout the country. We strive for excellence, quality, safety and reliability.


  •  Stockade fencing
  •  Concrete fencing
  •  Palisade fencing
  •  Chain-link fencing
  •  Picket fencing
  •  Post and rail fencing
  •  Vinyl fencing
  •  Wire fencing
  •  Wall fencing


Water & Sewer Reticulation

We also provide installations, maintenance and servicing  of bulk water supply system and sewer reticulation.


  •  Bulk water supply
  •  Sewer Reticulation
  •  Sewerage
  •  Infrastructure services
  •  De-watering and water purification
  •  Water pipelines

Oil, gas and petrochemical,
water and wastewater,
storm water and fire protection systems